Blast API Integrates IOTA EVM to Offer Reliable Endpoints

Blast API integrates IOTA EVM, providing reliable and powerful endpoints for dApps and users and ensuring fast and accessible interaction with IOTA EVM. Blast API offers many powerful endpoints delivered from their globally distributed node infrastructure running the IOTA EVM, with multiple plans available for developers. The core API provides optimized throughput and low latency.

Reliable and powerful endpoints are essential for the success of dApps. For ecosystems to thrive, developers need fast, reliable, and powerful endpoints to ensure accessibility to their applications from anywhere and at any time.

An endpoint is a gateway for users to access the blockchain, interact with the chain, execute functions, and extract information.

Therefore, we are excited to announce that Blast API has now integrated IOTA EVM. This integration leverages powerful and reliable endpoints to maximize stability and availability on the IOTA EVM network, which is crucial for the user experience in a DLT.

Empowering with Reliable Endpoints

Blast API hosts over 87,000 endpoints on 76+ networks and 39+ chains, including Aptos, Arbitrum, Bitcoin, BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Sui, just to name a few. Their main focus is to empower ecosystems and builders by giving them access to reliable and performant endpoints combined with a state-of-the-art decentralized API platform.

Developers can choose from multiple plans tailored to their needs, to ensure their throughput demands are always met as they build and scale their applications. Developers already registered in the “free plan” can use up to 76 endpoints and get up to 40 API calls per second per endpoint. Nodes are distributed in 5 global regions to ensure a fast and smooth experience.

Blast API’s integration with IOTA EVM marks another step in IOTA’s mission to become a prime destination for builders, projects, and innovators to build the digital future. In our push for global crypto adoption, tearing down the barriers between the traditional world and the Web3 space – and providing top-notch infrastructure – is a pivotal step in achieving our vision.

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