Enabling Seamless Web3 Interactions

The launch of Bloom Wallet, built by Bloom Labs and rooted in the IOTA Foundation, is a significant development in Web3 interactions. Having undergone a security audit, it offers compatibility with Ledger Nano hardware wallets and will support IOTA EVM. It enables seamless transfers between Layer 2 chains and is backed by investments and collaboration with industry leaders.

We’re extending our congratulations to Web3 wallet startup Bloom Labs on the launch of Bloom, its secure wallet hub for trading tokens and NFTs, discovering new dApps, and optimizing DeFi investments. This is a significant step forward for both Bloom and the broader IOTA ecosystem.

Launched on April 3, 2024, Bloom Wallet reflects the dedication and hard work of the Bloom Labs team, which has its roots in the IOTA Foundation. The wallet's departure from traditional browser extensions towards a web and native wallet architecture prioritizes usability and safety in Web3 interactions, a notable improvement for users. Before its launch, Bloom underwent a thorough security audit with Auditone, ensuring its reliability.

Bloom Wallet's compatibility with Ledger Nano hardware wallets and its support for IOTA, EVM, and Shimmer highlight its commitment to interoperability and collaboration within the ecosystem. By enabling token, NFT, and data transfers between Layer 2 chains without bridges, Bloom showcases IOTA EVM’s powerful cross-chain architecture.

Interoperability and Collaborative Spirit

In today's dynamic crypto landscape, seamless onboarding of new users is paramount. Thanks to Bloom Wallet's collaboration with Transak, users from 170 countries can effortlessly purchase cryptocurrency, streamlining the entry process into the digital asset realm.

Furthermore, Bloom’s collaboration with IOTA Foundation, IDNow, walt.id, and Spyce5 in building an identification solution (which incorporates a single reusable KYC event within the Bloom Wallet) ensures streamlined identity verification across multiple Web3 services without compromising user privacy.

Investment and Growth

Backed by investments from Outlier Ventures, Plassa Capital, CoinTelegraph, Heartfelt Capital (formerly APX), and a suite of business angels, Bloom is well-positioned for sustained growth and innovation. It has already welcomed over 5,000 users since releasing Early Access in late November and has received resoundingly positive feedback.

Bloom aims to broaden its appeal even further by expanding its services to encompass Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and other important EVM L1s and L2s, alongside introducing features like social login for simple sign-up with Web2 OAuth credentials like Gmail or iCloud, cementing its position as a versatile wallet for the wider Web3 community.

Bloom Wallet is now available for download on Mac, Windows, and Linux via Bloom’s website.  We invite you to explore the possibilities Bloom Wallet offers to anyone interested in shaping the future of DeFi and Web3.

For more information on Bloom, please visit their official website, follow Bloom on X (formerly Twitter), or join their Discord community.

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