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IOTA 1.5

IOTA 1.5 (also known as Chrysalis) is the mainnet’s intermediate stage before Coordicide is complete. You can read more about the strategy for releasing Chrysalis here.

The Chrysalis phase 1 components were deployed to mainnet in August. The engineering team is now working on Chrysalis phase 2, or the full implementation of IOTA 1.5.  

This week’s updates and status

Phase 2 Public Testnet

We have released the public testnet right before Christmas. We have been, together with the community, testing different components, like the node software, or the different libraries on the testnet for the past couple weeks. The testnet proved to be incredibly stable over the testing period and we are excited to be extending it with additional features soon.

If you would like to get involved, please visit the #chrysalis-testnet channel on Discord


  • The team is progressing in implementing the new node dashboard and feeding data into it.
  • All the client API has been finished in December.
  • Storage implementation has been stabilized.
  • Moving crates to the dev branch.
  • Finalization of the ledger logic.
  • Tangle caching is now operational.


  • The team has created a fix for how semi-lazy tips are treated in the Chrysalis phase 2 implementation. This significantly improved the confirmation rate on the Chrysalis testnet.
  • Dust protection for Chrysalis phase 2 is being implemented.
  • A fundamental bug within the storage layer has been fixed, which also resolved a bug with solid entry points within local snapshots. and

Our Rust implementation of standard client library and wallet functionalities

  • The team is working in matching the library to the latest specification.
  • The work on finishing the python bindings will follow. and Stronghold is a crate for all cryptographic algorithms used by many of the projects at IF. Stronghold is a secure software implementation for safe digital secrets isolation.

  • Alpha Release of Stronghold published.
  • Finalizing integration for the audit of Firefly in January.
  • CHANGELOGs now available.
  • CI Pipelines nearing completion.


Chrysalis phase 2 will come with a new wallet implementation that replaces Trinity.

  • We have published a post about our next generation wallet, Firefly, and its future.
  • All the components and dependencies are being wired together.
  • The dashboard and settings UI is being finalized.
  • CI and in app update are being worked on.
  • Bugs in are being fixed as the wallet is being tested.
  • A comprehensive wallet audit starts in two weeks.


A large part of the Chrysalis phase 2 effort is auditing the new functionality. We have started the audit on the protocol changes made to the node software. The wallet audit will also be happening in January.

As always, we welcome everyone to stop by on Discord — every project mentioned here has a channel (or more) for discussion with the devs! Follow us on Twitter to keep track of all the latest news!

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Jakub Cech

Director of Engineering @IOTA Foundation

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