Today we are announcing our second IOTA development contest focused around machines with wallets. The contest has thousands of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs, including a drone, VR headset and 3D printer. We want developers to flex their creative muscle and build something completely new.

Up until now devices were only able to send data to each other. This means that if a device wanted to sell something, to another device or a human, it would have to involve a payment system to collect the money. This adds fees, contracts and complexity to something that should be easy to do.

In this contest, we invite you to integrate hardware and the IOTA protocol to create a device that can send or receive payments in exchange for goods or services. We want you to create something that wouldn’t be possible using standard technology.

This could be something as simple as a light bulb that turns on when you send tokens to it or as complex as a set of devices that are generating electricity and selling it to other devices which are consuming.

To get more info on the contest and what is up for grabs, follow this link:

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