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IOTA and Eviden are partnering on the Eviden Digital Passport Solution (EDPS), one of the first Digital Product Passports to hit the market. EDPS tracks the lifecycle, carbon footprint, and sustainability of automotive batteries using IOTA technology. This partnership aims to scale up the solution for various DPP use cases, fostering long-term collaboration and expertise in DLT, while exploring new applications for IOTA’s technology in areas like global digital trade, Self-Sovereign Identity, and data monetization.

IOTA and Eviden are partnering on the Eviden Digital Passport Solution (EDPS), “Powered by IOTA”. As one of the first ready-to-use DLT-based Digital Product Passports (DPPs) on the market and the first at this scale to utilize IOTA technology, EDPS offers detailed information about a product’s lifecycle, enhancing transparency, traceability, and sustainability.

The EDPS dashboard (Source: Eviden)

DPPs track the life cycle of products, from production to disposal and recycling. They include details about the product’s carbon footprint and sustainability, ensuring manufacturers meet environmental standards and promote eco-friendly practices. They also help ensure compliance with regulations by providing detailed information on durability and performance.

Introducing the Eviden Digital Passport Solution

The Eviden Digital Passport Solution (EDPS) is a solution to navigate the complexities of digital product passports, fostering a more sustainable and trustworthy ecosystem.

EDPS Full Battery Lifecycle (Source: Eviden)

Eviden is a next-gen technology leader in data-driven, trusted, and sustainable digital transformation with leading positions in advanced computing, security, AI, cloud, and digital platforms. It has leveraged this broad industry expertise and experience to create the solution, which has two aspects:

  1. The Passport Creator can be used by any type of auto manufacturer. It contains a blockchain node that inputs data into the battery passport, ensuring that all essential information is captured at the outset.
  2. The Passport Distributor kick-starts the deployment of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and provides web- and app-based access to EDPS for SMEs, facilitating broader adoption and ease of use.

Key Benefits of EDPS Include:

  1. Full Product Life Cycle Management: EDPS helps ensure a cost-efficient, traceable, and circular supply chain.
  2. Informed Decision-Making: By promoting the use of sustainable and reliable products, EDPS enables stakeholders to make better-informed decisions.
  3. Lifecycle Tracking: The solution tracks the entire product life cycle, from production to recycling, using DLT for efficient management.
  4. Data Utilizations: EDPS leverages data generated throughout the product's life cycle to develop additional use cases.
  5. Compliance with EU regulations, including the EU Battery Regulation as well as Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, EU Critical Raw Materials Act, EU Taxonomy Regulation, EC Waste Directive, and more.

Find out more about the Eviden Battery Passport here.

EDPS Powered By IOTA

Eviden is integrating IOTA EVM into the EDPS, creating what they’re calling “EDPS Powered By IOTA.” IOTA will be the preferred DLT stack offered to clients (although it will remain protocol-agnostic), with new EDPS releases being rolled out on IOTA first. This collaboration will also foster mutual co-innovation between IOTA and Eviden, driving further advancements in their respective technologies and solutions. Two dedicated partnership managers will look after the collaboration and balance both IOTA’s and Eviden’s interests.

Operating Model of the EDPS (Source: Eviden)

IOTA EVM brings several key advantages to its partnership with Eviden, not least by providing the DLT "engine" for the EDPS to ensure secure, transparent, and immutable recording of transactions, which is critical for tracking the lifecycle of products like automotive batteries. IOTA EVM facilitates the seamless integration of smart contracts, while the scalability and efficiency of IOTA’s Tangle technology make it well-suited for managing the large data volumes and high transaction rates required by the EDPS. Moreover, IOTA enhances security by preventing data tampering and cyber-attacks.

Beyond that, we are sharing our DPP expertise with Eviden and will draw on our experience with the European DLT legal landscape to advise Eviden on upcoming regulatory changes. IOTA’s investment in Eviden supports the development, maintenance, and regulatory alignment of the EDPS, ultimately promoting a more sustainable and transparent battery supply chain.

According to Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder and Chair of the IOTA Foundation: “This partnership leverages our unique joint benefits and creates a strong combination of capabilities, ready for the market to use. This is a long-term collaboration between Eviden and the IOTA Foundation and we will work closely together to explore further use cases in domains such as construction materials, textiles, and consumer electronics, amongst others. We expect millions of passports to be registered on the IOTA network by the end of the decade.”

Goals of the Collaboration

Our partnership aims to drive global adoption of EDPS using our technology, creating significant real-world impact. We are committed to a long-term, strategic partnership to grow and scale the solution vertically, with co-innovation at its core. By exploring broader DPP use cases, we are future-proofing our collaboration for lasting success.

About Eviden

With worldwide leading positions in advanced computing, security, AI, cloud, and digital platforms, Eviden provides deep expertise for all industries in more than 47 countries. This includes energy and utilities, healthcare and life sciences, financial services and insurance, manufacturing, automotive, public sector and defense, retail, transport and logistics, telecom, media, and technology. Bringing together 47,000 world-class talents, Eviden expands the possibilities of data and technology across the digital continuum, now and for generations to come. Its proprietary technology, including numerous software products and solutions, is backed by a portfolio of 2,100 patents. Eviden is an Atos Group company with an annual revenue of ca. €5 billion.

Watch this space for updates about our collaboration with Eviden!

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