Integrating the IOTA token for businesses, large token holders and other large-scale uses

Announcements May 14, 2019

In order for IOTA’s vision for the machine economy to really thrive, all sorts of people and organizations will need to be able to easily acquire and manage the IOTA token.

Current methods to acquire IOTA tokens are restricted to what we might call ‘individual’ users. These are individuals, like you and me, who are not confined by organizational processes or government regulation. For the individual user, acquiring IOTA tokens is as easy as logging onto a digital asset exchange, buying IOTA, and sending it to our open source wallet Trinity.

While simple, this workflow may not be appropriate for organizations, liquidity providers, or large token holders. These groups may require tools that protect them from theft, mismanagement or legal exposure while using and storing digital assets. These onramps must be created in partnership with established, regulated service providers in order for all participants in the IOTA ecosystem to thrive.

As a first step, we’ve started to engage with regulated custody services and liquidity partners in order to support organizations and institutional investors using the IOTA Token. As more businesses incorporate the IOTA Token into their products and services, it will be important to provide a regulated mechanism to store and exchange IOTA Tokens. Examples of entities that would use such services include:

  • Businesses integrating the IOTA Token into their products and services.
  • Institutional investors interested in IOT and DLT technologies.
  • Financial Institutions interested in using IOTA.
  • Smart Cities leveraging IOTA and/or the IOTA Token.
  • Businesses who will provide liquidity for products and services leveraging the IOTA Token.
  • Community members that wish to hold their IOTA with a regulated custodian.

If you believe you fit into any of these categories, we ask that you fill out the form below:

Filling out this form will enable us to further our conversations with 3rd party custodians, liquidity providers and regulated services, and help us ensure we partner with the best solutions for our community.

We envision a future where the IOTA token is used for real world applications. Designing a seamless ecosystem for companies and individuals to interact with the IOTA Token is an important next step for realizing this vision.


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