Unlocking the Potential of Builders, Creators, and Innovators

As part of its commitment to providing funding and support to projects, the Abu Dhabi-based IOTA Ecosystem DLT Foundation has launched IOTA Grants to provide support for aspiring innovators and creators around the globe.

In the fast-paced and ever-growing world of Web3, the challenge of securing necessary funding is a significant hurdle for many innovators and creators. Recognizing this gap, the IOTA Ecosystem DLT Foundation, based in Abu Dhabi, is excited to announce a new initiative aimed at supporting the dreams and visions of builders around the world.

IOTA Grants is specifically designed to provide financial assistance to those with promising ideas but lacking the resources to bring them to life. Our goal is to nurture and accelerate the development of innovative projects within the Web3 space, ensuring that groundbreaking ideas receive the support they deserve.

Initially, IOTA Grants will serve as a pilot, allowing us to gauge interest and adjust our approach based on feedback. We're committed to a process of continuous evaluation, with the intention of expanding this program based on community demand and engagement.

This initiative reflects our commitment to fostering a diverse and dynamic ecosystem where innovative ideas can thrive. We believe that by providing this support, we can help unlock the full potential of the IOTA ecosystem.

Grant Categories

The current focus of IOTA Grants is to support Open-Source Development, Research, Education, and Events.

Each of these categories plays a crucial role in driving innovation and growth within the IOTA ecosystem.

  • Open-Source Development: Supports creation and enhancement of applications, utilities, tools, libraries, and public goods.
  • Research: Supports research papers, scholarships, and theoretical solutions for open-source development.
  • Education: Bridges complex technology and user-friendly adoption through educational content and programs.
  • Events: Funds community engagement, hackathons, workshops, and travel expenses for ecosystem projects.

You can find more information about each category on the IOTA Grants website.

Guidelines for Grants

The allocation of grants is guided by transparent funding guidelines, available on the grants website, ensuring that only projects that align with the objectives of IOTA Grants and have the potential to make a positive impact within the IOTA ecosystem are supported.

Applying for IOTA Grants couldn’t be more straightforward. Just fill out the application form, and participate in an interview with the IOTA Grant Committee, which will evaluate your application.

During the evaluation process, the IOTA Grant Committee consisting of IOTA Foundation members will assess your application based on the following criteria: Funding Guidelines Fit, Scalability, Usefulness, Safety, Expertise of Grantee, and Long-Term Viability. Once again, the IOTA Grants website has more details about the criteria.

The evaluation process is designed to ensure that all applications are rated on the same scale and that funds are allocated to projects with the greatest potential to make an impact.

As grants are re-introduced to the IOTA ecosystem, we encourage all innovators, developers, and creators to seize this opportunity. Your ideas have the power to drive positive change in the ecosystem, and the IOTA Ecosystem DLT Foundation is here to support you.

For more information about IOTA Grants, please visit the website or apply here directly.

Together we will shape the future of IOTA.

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