Welcome to the Introduction to Coordicide Specifications video series — a series of 7 educational videos by our Research team first developed for internal use and now publicly shared with the IOTA Community.  

With most of the Coordicide research specifications nearing completion, the Research and Engineering teams decided to hold these joint video seminars to help align individual researchers and engineers in their work bringing the end of the Coordinator nearer. Following this internal alignment, we are continuing our work in a more integrated fashion with Engineering, to write specifications and test the components in GoShimmer.

Please note that these presentations were designed for internal use within the IOTA Foundation. After completing the seminars, we realized that a public-facing version of the content would likely be very beneficial for the whole community. However, given our desire to focus on forging ahead with our work, rather than spend time polishing our slides, we decided to simply release the content in its raw form. We hope that each presentation provides great insight into the progress of our work.

Four seminars, broken into seven videos, were held over the course of a week:

  • Episode 1 — Darcy Camargo, our Research Mathematician, introduces the specification & explains data processing & layers.
  • Episode 2 — Olivia Saa, our Research Mathematician, talks about Mana.
  • Episode 3 — Billy Sanders, our Research Scientist and Mathematician, explains our Protocol.
  • Episode 4 — Angelo Capossele, our Senior Research Scientist, explains the Autopeering and why it’s important for Coordicide.
  • Episode 5 — Sebastian Müller, one of our Independent Researchers, explains the Fast Probabilistic Consensus (FPC) and what is the FPC on the Tangle
  • Episode 6 — Hans Moog explains UTXO & Parallel realities based ledger
  • Episode 7 — Luigi Vigneri, our Research Scientist, talks about Networking: rate control, flow control and congestion control

All the episodes are available in our “Introduction to Coordicide Specifications” playlist on You Tube. Click to watch them all here!  

We hope you enjoy watching the presentations, and that you learn a lot. As always, you can stay up to date with the IOTA Research team in the #tanglemath channel on our Discord. And you are welcome to follow and participate in our technical discussions on our public forum:IOTA.cafe.

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