IoT One Academy publishes IOTA courses for managers (English Version) in cooperation with IOTA Foundation

Partnerships Jul 20, 2020

Today, the IoT ONE ACADEMY has published the IOTA courses for managers in English language in close cooperation with the IOTA Foundation headquartered in Berlin.  

These courses are specifically designed for managers, consultants, strategy managers, c-level managers, and decision-makers with no technical or developer background. The content has been carefully conducted between IoT ONE ACADEMY and IOTA Foundation and contains training that helps the participants to understand:

  • the advantages and benefits of IOTA for their future M2M & Data-Driven business
  • a non-tech full introduction into Distributed Ledger Technology and IOTA from an eagle view
  • how they can develop disruptive impulses for existing or future business
  • the many existing use-cases of IOTA
  • how they develop their own IOTA project vision and idea

The IOTA Managers Course is aimed at beginners in the field of Blockchain for industrial purposes, who are interested in understanding how DLTs work.

The course covers the premise of “data is the new oil” in detail, what opportunities are now possible, and aims to provide deeper insights and inspiration for digitally transforming industries by using DLT. The course includes information on the current early development status and progress of all DLTs as well as IOTA specifically.

The course helps managers to understand the background of IOTA up to today and the insights from IOTA Insiders about projects and future plans (e.g. Chrysalis and Coordicide). It enables the trainees to gain profound knowledge about the IOTA Foundation and the strategy behind the technology development and its components (no technical expertise is needed). The content provides detailed information about existing use-cases and possibilities for new use-cases as well as interesting areas to develop new business models. One of many important aspects to learn more about is DLT as a trust layer for a decentralized data-based economy and IOTA’s unique position to connect billions of people and machines through a feeless, decentralized protocol.

Three different pieces of training can be purchased

  1. App-only (no support)
  2. App with premium support of instructors (to address participant’s questions while learning)
  3. A 2-days Seminar/Video conference with app + premium support

Courses start daily while the digital training via app is self-paced and asynchronous. Participants can purchase their course via Eventbrite and will receive a login via e-mail. A smart device or web browser can be used to download the app. Participants can set their own timing and learn whenever they want. The recommended time to finish the course (while parallel working in a normal job setting) is six weeks with an approximately learning time of 3-4 hours/weekly plus the time for the homework tasks.

Participants who booked a training with Premium Messenger or higher can ask questions via the In-App messenger that are quickly answered by IOTA experienced instructors (developers or management trainers) during workdays (weekends and evening responses will have slightly slower response times).

Homework tasks are included in the courses to strengthen the knowledge transfer following the principles of modern active learning. Participants are asked to use the homework to reflect on the course content and adapt it to their professional purposes. This process enables participants to complete the course with a fully developed idea or vision of how they can apply IOTA technology in a professional setting. All participants can save their tasks in the app for later usage. Participants who booked a training with Premium Messenger or higher also receive a review and approval from the instructors or may be asked to communicate about the outcome. However, homework tasks are voluntary and participants who are only interested in learning a new and exciting topic can pursue learning without taking part in interaction with instructors.

For the first IOTA project in the course, a structured explanation on how to set it up is also enhanced by recommendations from a renowned consulting company explaining the Business Canvas — as well as the modern Future Modelling Methodology to support the trainees.

More information on The “pricing” tab on leads to the single Eventbrite pages where more information about the courses can be found.  

Holger Köther, Director of Partnerships, IOTA Foundation: “We are happy to announce the publication of the IOTA COURSES FOR MANAGERS which is an excellent basis for decision-makers and managers for the development of their own IOTA projects. It helps managers understand the potential of IOTA in a short time. The IoT ONE ACADEMY has already successfully implemented the IOTA training courses for programmers in close cooperation with the IOTA Foundation — so we are all the more pleased that there is now a course for non-technicians available to help decision-makers and managers understand the potential of IOTA as an open-source, secure and scalable infrastructure.”

Arne Flick, co-founder & director of the IoT ONE ACADEMY: “The IOTA COURSE FOR MANAGERS is a very good opportunity to learn everything worth knowing about the advantages and possibilities of the IOTA technology as well as the far-reaching plans of the IOTA Foundation and how that can be beneficial for companies. As a modern digital learning academy, we attach great importance to the participants' understanding of the disruptive power of IOTA and how they can use IOTA in their company. We amplify the active learning transfer throughout the unique Learning App technology that helps to strengthen the learning success as well as by the learning content that has been co-authored by the IOTA Foundation and the IoT ONE ACADEMY.”

About IOTA Foundation: IOTA is a global non-profit foundation supporting the research and development of new distributed ledger technologies (DLT), including the IOTA Tangle. The IOTA Tangle solves the fundamental shortcomings of blockchain: scalability, environmental sustainability and cost. IOTA is an open-source protocol connecting the human economy with the machine economy by facilitating novel Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interactions, including secure data transfer and feeless micropayments. To learn more visit, the IOTA Foundation YouTube channel and follow @iotatokenon Twitter.  

About IoT ONE ACADEMY: the IoT ONE Academy with offices in Berlin and Shanghai is a corporate learning academy with the focus on practical-orientated training in Industrial IoT also known as Industry 4.0 with customers in Automotive, Aviation, Mobility & Logistics. The IoT ONE Academy is part of the IoT ONE Group from Shanghai, an international use-case platform community & consultancy that focuses on the IoT space. The IoT ONE Academy has concentrated its training program on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) since 2017 and has been chosen as the official learning partner of the IOTA Foundation. To learn more visit, www.IoT, www.IoT and follow @iot_one on Twitter.

  • Strategic thoughts on the Data Innovation Arena
  • Division of the DLT community and battle of economic ideologies
  • Basic introduction to DLT and three generations of Blockchains (and their differences and when to use each)
  • Advantages and benefits of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)
  • Advantages and benefits of IOTA
  • New IOTA-based business Models
  • IOTA for Dummies
  • DAG instead of Blockchain
  • Basics of the Technology
  • The MIOTA Token
  • The Tangle
  • Trust as a commodity
  • Transactions free of charge
  • Challenges & Solutions
  • +2 Homework tasks
  • The structure & the goals
  • How is the IOTA Foundation financed
  • IOTA Vision
  • Important Memberships (Linux Foundation, OMG, Tanglee EE, etc.)
  • IOTA Application Areas (i.a. Mobility, Logistics, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, etc.
  • IOTA Use Cases
  • IOTA Prospects
  • +2 Homework tasks
  • Strategic Overview and Goals
  • Data in a Decentralized Economy
  • DLT and Big Data
  • The IOTA Marketplace
  • The Industry Marketplace
  • Homework
  • Chrysalis (Main Objectives and the why)
  • Coordicide (4 Reasons, IOTA 2.0, the Modules)
  • The end of Qubic & Jinn
  • The new IOTA Smart Contracts
  • From ternary to binary and back
  • What IOTA really is: the Trust Layer of the IoT
  • +2 Homework tasks
  • The IOTA Community
  • The IOTA Channels
  • The IOTA Evangelist Network
  • Community example products
  • Links & Contacts
  • Your own DLT Project
  • Develop a Business Scenario
  • Securing Support
  • Creating a Roadmap
  • Develop the Project
  • Testing the Result
  • Creativity Techniques
  • +2 Homework tasks
  • The psychology of Resistance
  • Resistance to Innovations in Companies
  • The problem of Middle Management
  • Dealing with Resistance - Defense Strategies
  • Business Models with Future Modeling
  • The Advantages of Future Modeling
  • Business model Canvas
  • +2 Homework tasks


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