A new governance proposal is becoming available for voters in the IOTA and Shimmer networks. This proposal asks to modify the existing operating framework for the Shimmer Community Grant committee (SGP - 0006 for a vote by Shimmer Token Holders) while also integrating the IOTA Community Treasury Tokens into this Grant system with an initial Budget of 10 million IOTA Tokens (IGP - 0001 for a vote by IOTA Token Holders). The pre-vote period starts on Thursday at 3 pm CET, and the counting period begins seven days later.

After several weeks of preparation by the IOTA & Shimmer Community Governance Group and successfully passing the first two initial governance phases in our Governance Forum, a governance proposal is being presented to both IOTA and Shimmer voters.

Starting on Thursday, 12 October, at 3 pm CET, voters can vote on these matters in both networks via your IOTA and Shimmer Firefly Wallets with their token holdings. Please be aware that the proposal only passes if the votes in both networks result in the acceptance of the proposal by a simple majority of voters, passing a quorum of 5% of the circulating Token supply.

We kindly ask all token holders to participate in this vote in both networks.

Shimmer Community Treasury Grant Committee Revision

The Proposal SGP - 0006 / IGP - 0001 was crafted by the members of the Shimmer Community Treasury Committee. It suggests improvements in processes governing how they operate the grant system based on their experience over the last few months.

Please refer to a more detailed description of changes to the current processes suggested in the Revisions section of the Proposal. The changes have been thoroughly discussed within the weekly meetings of the community governance group, and a joint proposal based on the work of this group has been developed.

To vote on this proposal with your Shimmer holdings, please open your Firefly Shimmer Wallet starting Thursday, 12 October, at 3 pm CET, and follow the steps described in the Governance Guide for Firefly.

IOTA Community Treasury Tokens

As we draw nearer to the release of the IOTA EVM Chain, following the recent Stardust upgrade of the IOTA Mainnet, the unclaimed IOTA Community Treasury Tokens will become accessible upon the release of the IOTA EVM.

The Proposal SGP-0006/IGP-0001 also seeks the approval of the IOTA community to recognize the existing Shimmer Community Treasury Grant committee, which has been elected by the community and operates under the legal entity Tangle DAO LLC in the Marshall Islands, as its representative responsible for managing an IOTA Community Grant Program.

Additionally, the proposal calls for allocating an initial budget of 10 million IOTA tokens from its total Treasury holdings of 54.896.344 million IOTA tokens to this Committee. The budget shall supply an IOTA Community Grant program until March 2025. This allocation will empower the Community Grant Committee to support IOTA-related projects. Find all details in  Revision 22 of the Governance proposal.

IOTA Tokens holders are asked to accept this proposal via a vote with their IOTA Holdings in their Firefly Wallet. To vote with your IOTA holdings, please open your Firefly Wallet starting Thursday, 12 October, at 3 pm CET, and follow the steps described in the Governance Guide for Firefly.

Node operators - your help is needed in counting the votes!

Every Hornet node in the Shimmer and IOTA network with an enabled participation plugin (enabled by default on all nodes that have been set up using the recommended setup process) will be able to participate in the decentralized counting and validation of the votes. To do this, please add the events (as JSON or raw links) that are to be counted in your Hornet node dashboard.
Find the new participation event links and a tutorial on adding them using your nodes dashboard here.

We want to encourage every IOTA and Shimmer Token holder to participate in these important governance votes and contribute to the project in this way.
Every vote counts, so choose wisely!

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