IOTA at Hannover Messe 2019

Announcements Apr 2, 2019

If you are working in any industry-related area, you already know that Hannover Messe (#HM2019) is one of the most exciting global exhibitions showcasing the latest news, stories and trends of the industrial world.

The IOTA protocol is maturing towards production through its technological developments, as well as through standardization, partnerships, startups support and our open-ecosystem engagements. We are very excited to also see an accelerating number of exhibitors at Hannover Messe, using IOTA’s open and free technology to demonstrate the benefits of distributed ledger technology.

[email protected] is one of the global leaders for standardization, with over 3000 corporates working with the [email protected] catalogue. Neoceptionand the IOTA Foundation have extended the current proof-of-concept towards a real-world implementation.  

The [email protected] demonstrator is a set of precise sensors. One of them measuring the distance to an object and categorized through a specific, unique, standardized ID. Any measured distance is being immutably recorded as a data point on the Tangle. From that point, it is easily audible and can be purchased through a micro transaction.

Try it out: as long as the demonstrator is powered, its measurements can be bought through a pre-funded wallet under  

[email protected] booth at Hannover Messe 2019
IAMPASS prototype technology demonstration at e-shelter premises (September 2018)

Topocare’s deployable flood protection system was one of the first granteesof the IOTA EDF. Topocare shows how creative thinking and always challenging the status quo can lead to humanitarian improvements and catastrophe remediation or even prevention. This is all while utilizing a modern pay-as-you-use model for financial settlements.  

e-shelter develops and runs high availability data centers, and is a strong promoter of innovation. This mindset is in deep consensus with IAMPASS, which is providing identity and access management services on top of IOTA’s Tangle.  

With access control being a critical part of today’s security management, IAMPASS technology utilizes Fujitsu’s palm vein scanner and the Tangle to store anonymized and encrypted access logs about approved and denied requests.

The smart combination of both technologies ensures that only authorized persons can enter restricted areas and that access logs are 100% immutable and tamper proof.

Fujitsu is showing the latest version of its Industry 4.0 showcase, to demonstrate how component tracking and processing of data as part of supply chain management can be combined with distributed ledger technology. From the Fujitsu website:  

“We demonstrate how IOTA can be used to track component and process data as part of supply chain management and how it can be stored unalterably in the IOTA Tangle — for example, as proof of original components or for warranty management.”

Fujitsu is also offering a series of expert talks to provide additional insight.  

The DLT based showcase is enhanced through Digital Annealer, which solves large-scale combinatorial optimization problems which are unsolvable using today’s classical computers.


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