IOTA Defining Moments 2020 Meetup – Digital Edition

Ecosystem Dec 21, 2020

The year has been a busy one – not only thanks to Corona. A lot has happened in the IOTA universe, too. That is why we see it as our duty to recap all the great events and achievements of the past year.

We had an amazing digital event yesterday, December 17th! In case you missed it, you can still watch the presentations by our team. Special thanks to IOTAShops and einfachIOTA for making this Meetup happen.

You can also check all the presentations from the IOTA Foundation members:

Dominik Schiener, Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors & Founder

Holger Köther, Director of Partnerships

Hans Moog, Software Engineer

Antonio Nardella, Community Manager

Charlie Varley, Tech Lead

We wish all the IOTA Community Happy Holidays!

The IOTA Foundation team

As always, we welcome everyone to stop by on Discord  for discussion with the team!

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