The Future of Multichain Liquidity and Asset Transfer

Stargate V2 integrates IOTA EVM to enhance cross-chain transactions, liquidity management, and operational efficiency. Leveraging LayerZero's omnichain framework, Stargate V2 introduces advanced features like the Multi Transaction Model and an AI Planning Module, significantly reducing bridging transaction costs and improving interoperability. This integration expands IOTA’s DeFi capabilities, offering new opportunities for dApps and builders.

In the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), the liquidity of assets plays a crucial role in building dynamic and flourishing Web3 ecosystems. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that liquidity transport protocol Stargate V2 has integrated IOTA EVM and will serve as a bridge connecting IOTA EVM with the broader Web3 space.

As a bridge, Stargate enables the flow of assets and therefore liquidity between otherwise isolated blockchains. IOTA EVM's integration with Stargate opens doors to seamless cross-chain transactions, enhanced operational capabilities, and unified liquidity pools that aggregate liquidity from multiple sources into a single asset to enhance trading efficiency and reduce the asset fragmentation often found in other bridge solutions.

Featuring Omnichain Support from LayerZero

Stargate leverages the capabilities of LayerZero V2, an advanced omnichain interoperability framework tailored for efficient inter-chain communication.

This infrastructure allows applications developed with LayerZero to offer users a fluid interaction with various blockchain networks and environments.

Bringing Omnichain DeFi to Life

Stargate is a fully composable liquidity transport protocol. It enables users and dApps to transfer native assets cross-chain, accessing unified liquidity pools.

Stargate’s V2 offers many new advancements and features. Its Multi Transaction Model allows users to choose between paying the full cost for immediate execution of a transaction or paying a portion of the total cost by batching their transaction with others, thereby trading execution time for lower costs. Batching transactions reduces the cost by 95% compared to Stargate V1.

Stargate’s AI Planning Module dynamically adjusts fees and rewards to balance Stargate Pools across all chains without controlling funds or any asset.

Interoperability via the new Hydra Extension enables the transfer of WETH, USDC, and USDT freely between all Hydra-enabled chains, making them globally redeemable to native assets on core Stargate chains where such assets exist.

Find out more about the architecture and benefits of Stargate V2 here.

A Bright Future for the IOTA Ecosystem

Stargate has dominated the Web3 interoperability space over the last 12 months, on several occasions capturing up to 50% of the daily interchain transaction volume. It has proven to be the most reliable and used bridge protocol in the space and opens IOTA EVM to a huge user base of advanced Web3 DeFi users.

Collaborating with the Stargate Foundation to make this integration come to life was a cornerstone of our EVM launch preparation.

As Stargate V2 launched on May 29, 2024, IOTA EVM is the first chain to which the protocol will be expanded after its initial launch. Vastly reduced bridging fees, no need for liquidity pools, and the advantages of LayerZero’s OFT technology will set a new standard for multichain user experience and cross-chain execution.

IOTA EVM's integration with Stargate V2 vastly expands IOTA’s cross-chain communication capabilities and adds new opportunities for dApps and builders to participate in an ever-growing, connected DeFi world.

If you're eager to discover the smooth and frictionless experience of Stargate V2, head over to their website and start exploring the platform today. Dive right into the future of cross-chain transactions, or take a moment to learn more about the innovative Multi Transaction Model.

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