We are happy to announce that the IOTA token will soon be available on Curv’s industrial grade digital asset custody platform! With IOTA’s upcoming Chrysalis network upgrade, Curv will be the first multi-party computation (MPC) custody solution to incorporate IOTA.

With our integration with Curv, any application leveraging Curv’s institutional custody solution will have the ability to support the IOTA token. This includes exchanges but also decentralized finance (DeFi) products like Celsius (IOTA Lending), Stakehound (Wrapping IOTA onto the Ethereum Network), Staked.Us (Staking IOTA) and Genesis Trading (Regulated Trading Platforms).

Why Custody Matters

One class of financial technologies that are really an enabler for the new decentralized finance revolution are digital asset custodians. They enable exchanges, funds and decentralized applications to securely manage digital assets in a scalable way. With our upcoming protocol upgrades, we can finally bridge our DLT to a whole new ecosystem of powerful tooling.

There are two key reasons why our partnership with Curv is so important for the IOTA ecosystem:

  1. Large IOTA token holders may need a different set of requirements that our native wallets cannot support. These might include regulatory, compliance, or legal requirements imposed on corporations looking to use the IOTA token for industrial use cases.
  2. There are many products and services that require the use of a custody solution in order to support a digital asset. Up until now, the IOTA token could not be added to a number of partner platforms, industrial use cases, and popular decentralized finance (DeFi) applications because they all required a custody solution with IOTA support.

We’re very excited to see IOTA integrated into Curv and are looking forward to seeing the IOTA token be adopted into an entirely new ecosystem of financial services, exchanges and dApps.

About Curv (www.curv.co)

Curv is the world's most trusted digital asset security infrastructure that is delivered as a fully scalable, enterprise-grade and compliant cloud service. Curv's multi-party computation (MPC) technology simultaneously provides institutions the protection, instant availability, and total autonomy over digital assets required to thrive in the digital economy. The company is the only cloud-based, MPC wallet provider for institutional digital assets and the first of its kind to achieve both SOC2 Type II Certification and ISO 27001 accreditation. Curv also provides additional peace of mind by insuring up to $50M of digital assets backed by Munich Re, the only Internet-connected crime insurance policy to date and one of the largest policies in the market. Curv is swiftly being adopted by leading exchanges, custodians, OTC desks, brokers, traditional financial institutions and digital asset managers worldwide. Founded in 2018, Curv is headquartered in New York with R&D offices in Tel-Aviv, Israel. For more, visit www.curv.co.

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