Today we are releasing the updated version of our Coordicide Whitepaper. We are pleased to share this update with everyone, not only so you can remain abreast of our latest developments, but also so you can offer your thoughts and feedback.  

Work on this Whitepaper began nearly one year ago, around the time of our Barcelona Research Summit. The first compiled version of the Whitepaper was released in May 2019, at the launch of the Coordicide website.  

In this updated version, while the core components remain unchanged, we are pleased to demonstrate substantial progress in terms of validation of our initial work. Much of the revised and updated content has indeed already been published throughout the past year, in numerous blog posts as well as forum discussions. Nevertheless, it is necessary to compile all of these components into a single “state-of-the-art” document, so that our solution may receive the scrutiny it deserves from our academic, corporate, and community collaborators. The paper is also very useful for our own internal process of moving from theory to specification to code.  

Please also note that we have made some minor updates to the Coordicide website to ensure consistency with the updated Whitepaper. Additionally, we are making public our Github repository for the Whitepaper, which ensures transparent, public access in the future, as any further developments are made.  

We hope you enjoy the update, and we look forward to your feedback, as well as answering any questions you may have about it in our public channels. Please do join us in #tanglemath in our Discord for a chat, or on if you wish to offer more comprehensive feedback!

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