One of the main efforts that has been driving us (the IOTA community and the Foundation) is to make IOTA more developer friendly and make the learning as well as the prototyping faster. As is the case with many developers, usually you want to get your hands dirty and jump right into it — you don’t want to have to worry about installing clients, finding neighbors and syncing with the network before being able to do anything.

In order to enable exactly this rapid prototyping, we are happy to announce that we will provide a dedicated Sandbox Environment. This Sandbox Environment makes it possible for developers and hobbyists to use IOTA via simple API calls. You don’t even have to worry about doing Proof of Work, we take care of all of that for you, thanks to our dedicated GPU Hashers!

You can find the dedicated documentation for the Sandbox here. The best way to use the Sandbox is with the client libraries. Today, the Javascipt and Python library have support for the sandbox. The Java and C# libraries will offer the same capabilities soon.  

Essentially, all you have to do is require the IOTA sandbox as the provider.

// Create IOTA instance with sandbox as providervar iota = new IOTA({'provider': '','sandbox':true,'token' : 'EXAMPLE-TOKEN-HERE'});

Currently, we have no automated way of getting API tokens / keys. Because of that you are required to either reach out to me (Dom) on Slack, or send the foundation an email in order to get a token.

It should be noted that the Sandbox should not be used for the GUI wallet.

Now that we have an easy to use solution to get started developing with IOTA, it’s time to get started working on new applications that are empowered, or even enabled, through IOTA’s unique capabilities for Machine to Machine Payments.

Huge shout out to Paul and Knarz that have developed the Sandbox environment.  

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