IRI and client libraries update Feb 8

Tech Updates Feb 8, 2019

Update: This library is deprecated with the Chrysalis network upgrade. The rust libraries will be more heavily maintained. Documentation can be found in our latest docs.

Update: The IOTA reference implementation (IRI) is deprecated with the Chrysalis network upgrade and will no longer work with the protocol changes. We recommend switching to the Hornet or Bee node implementation.

The past weeks our engineering department has been transitioning to a very different, and much more open communication model with our community. Regular updates for Trinity, Entangled, IRI and client libraries are now coming out.

Probably even more visible, at least if you are active on ourDiscord, is the presence of new channels. The day-to-day development team discussions are now happening in these channels. The channels are visible to anyone. For IRI and client libraries, the channels are:

  • iri-dev- day-to-day IRI team discussions. Read only.
  • iri-discussion- public IRI discussion, anyone can join in.
  • clients-dev- day-to-day client library team discussions. Read only.
  • clients-discussion- public client library discussion, anyone can join in.

Please join the IOTA Discord server here to see what we are up to daily and ask questions!  

In the previous update we mentioned that the client libraries team has been mainly working on a design of functionality the libraries will support in the full 1.0.0 release. The main part of that is about making libraries stateful. Last week, we officially started the development of the first version of what we call theAccount module.

If you are a developer, you can look at the spec in Go, here. We’re aiming for having a first version of the account module usable in a new beta release of the client libraries within February. The design and implementation will then iteratively evolve towards the full 1.0.0 release.  

The main focus of the past couple weeks has been and still is investigating and fixing issues with IRI 1.6.0. Some of the issues relate to syncing, others to high resource consumption in certain scenarios. We’re still heads down debugging and fixing the issues, but we’ve already made some fixes that will be present in IRI 1.6.1.

PRs merged since the last release:

- Add configurable variables for spent addresses DB#1274- Fix: added a buffer to LSManager #1286- Fix: test existence of spent addresses db do not point to correct folder #1305- Fix: Batch process spent addresses to avoid out of memory issues #1314- Fresh transactionToRequest #1316- Fix for (closed) issue #1086, missing user-agent header in cors #1319

If you have not been following the projects, you can do so on our GitHub:

We welcome community pull requests and can help you get up to speed with everything in our discord channels. Join the IOTA Discord server here.  


Jakub Cech

Director of Engineering @IOTA Foundation

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