Alfred Keller is an experimental scientist and sysadmin with decades of professional experience. His IT career started in the banking industry where he was engaged in planning, sizing, and testing the future system and network architecture.

Later he became a partner in a medium-sized company that developed software and devices for access control, biometric identification and the integration of advanced unified messaging systems.

With good knowledge in C, C++, Java and Javascript he is very well prepared to review and test the IOTA core software and artifacts. He has profound experience in data communication and cloud computing.  

Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering at ETH [Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich]. Continuously trained on the job in information technology from the very start of Linux back in the nineties up until now.

On why Alfred joined IOTA  

Curiosity and thirst for knowledge were the reasons why I started self-studying the blockchain technology in summer of 2016. IOTA caught my interest because it is so obvious that it overcomes the limitations of the traditional blockchain technology. The concept of IOTA as the scalable backbone of IOT, decentralized and without fees, is very appealing to an open-minded engineer with an up-to-date background in distributed computing and embedded devices. And most important: it is open source and allows any organization or business unit to run its own nodes on their own infrastructure. It is even possible to run private ledgers. For a fellow technology whiz, the sky appears to be the limit with IOTA. "

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