Alex is joining IOTA as Software Engineer of the Chronicle team. In this role, Alex will bring a new perspective to the team as a hobbyist Rust developer and enthusiast.

Alex lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and has been a full stack developer for five years. Since discovering Rust, he has been enamored with the language. From side to internal projects, he has endeavored to integrate Rust and connect with the community wherever possible.

On joining IOTA

After spending so much time working with Rust and teaching others about this language, it became almost an obsession. I found that I would not be satisfied unless I was able to work with it full-time. Knowing the Rust community, I hoped that I would be able to work on an exciting project with like-minded individuals. When I learned of IOTA’s mission and philosophy, it was clear that the company is exactly what I was looking for. My sincerest hope is that I can learn and grow along with everyone here as we make our dogged pursuit of the future!

We are very happy to officially announce Alex joining the project, his experience as a project leader is a great asset to the IOTA foundation. Give him a warm welcome!

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