Alex Westerhof is joining the IOTA Foundation as Partner Manager. In this role, he will focus on managing IOTA’s corporate partnerships, as well as support with overall partner strategy and activation planning.

Alex lives in Deventer, the Netherlands and has a strong background in key account and partner management, and business development. Working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Gartner, he was responsible for driving impactful partnerships with large-sized companies and global clients in various verticals over the past 10+ years. He is a generalist with a keen interest in business strategy and technology alignment.

He studied Tourism & Leisure Management and earned a Bachelor’s degree at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. From an early age, Alex had a passion for traveling and exploring the world. He got a Master’s degree in Account Management at the Frontline Business School and also completed several professional programs at the Rotterdam School of Management.

He learned about IOTA two years ago. His experience working in the technology and research industry made him understand the need for social and environmental change. He quickly realized the positive impact IOTA can have on the different levels of our digital society.

On joining IOTA

Together with a broad ecosystem of partners and a thriving community, the IOTA Foundation is building the global, digital trust layer needed to drive a new wave of innovation and growth. In order for society, industries, organizations of all shapes and sizes, down to us as individuals to benefit from this next wave, the digital trust layer has to be permissionless, open, feeless and take an autonomous future into account.

I’ve followed IOTA’s progress and witnessing the foundation’s ethos over the past two years. I am thrilled to join the foundation that is building the digital trust layer needed to drive this new wave of innovation and growth where ultimately all stakeholders will benefit.

I look forward to jointly drive successful outcomes with our ever-expanding ecosystem of partners, who are optimizing and transforming their respective environments together with IOTA.

We are very happy officially announcing Alex joining the project, his background and experience in management and business development will assist the foundation in its next phase of growth. Establishing long-term, impactful, relationships with existing and new partners is key to further advance IOTA into the corporate world and drive adoption. Give him a warm welcome!

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