Alexander Schmidt is joining IOTA as a Software Engineer on the Bee development team. In this role, Alexander will focus on creating components for the new Bee node framework written in the Rust programming language.

Alexander lives in Munich, Germany and has been in the technology sector for over ten years. He has worked as a Software Developer in the environmental sector and as a freelancer, where he gained experience in a variety of programming languages and best practices. He has been an active member of the IOTA community since early 2018.

I wish I could recall that moment when I first heard about IOTA, because I would like to pause for a second, turn around, and look back at the beginning of my journey. Many good things happened in my life since then: Apart from the birth of my son, I had lots and lots of truly inspiring discussions with interesting, even brilliant people both inside and outside of the Foundation. This fueled my desire to learn and understand more about the technology behind IOTA. I also started learning Rust and used it in several IOTA-related proofs-of-concepts. This got me involved early-on in the contemplations of employing it on a much broader scale within the IOTA ecosystem. I am so grateful that I now can work together with so many gifted and open-minded people all over the world implementing cutting-edge research. And, on top of it, doing that in Rust. I am truly excited about continuing on this journey with IOTA!

We are very happy to officially announce Alexander Schmidt joining the project. His extensive experience as a Software Developer and consistent contributions as a member of the IOTA community make him a great fit. Give him a warm welcome!

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