Dave de Fijter has always had a thing for technology. Developing simple games and web-applications at a young age got him his first part-time job as soon as he could legally get one at a local company developing web-applications; He has been working in this field ever since. He finished his bachelor’s degree in ICT at Rotterdam University in 2007 while working a full-time job as a software developer for a startup.  

Dave enjoys working with startups and mainly spends his time helping out startups with designing, building, maintaining and scaling advanced web-applications from the ground up. He did this as a freelance developer for the past 8 years and is currently a senior developer at an Amsterdam based startup-studio.

Dave joined the IOTA community in November 2017. He spent a lot of time on Slack helping out others, and was quickly made a moderator as a consequence of his dedication to the community.

I have been monitoring the rise of distributed ledger technology closely over the years. I liked the concept from the start but nothing really sparked my imagination as much as IOTA and all it’s potential. I truly believe that IOTA can be a huge game changer in many ways and I’m honored to have this opportunity to become a part of its history in this early stage. I’m looking forward to continuing to improve communication between the IOTA Foundation and the awesome community we already have even further as an Online Community Liaison.

Dave has proven his ability to execute as an Online Community Liaison, among other things he played an instrumental operational role in moving the community from Slack to Discord when IOTA grew too big for Slack. You can find Dave on Discord helping out others, improving the bots he runs or just chatting about IOTA on a daily basis. We are very happy to have such a dedicated person in this role. Give him a warm welcome!  

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