David joins the Communications team as Content and Communications Specialist. In this role, he will support the IOTA Foundation in developing content, communications and brand voice that engages audiences and conveys the story of IOTA.

Originally from the UK but based in Berlin, Germany, David has a diverse background in print and online editorial work, corporate communications and event producing, social media management and content creation.

On joining IOTA

This is a very exciting time to join the IOTA Foundation: recent milestones such as the release of the IOTA 2.0 DevNet, the tremendous range of possible applications for IOTA in the Internet of Things, the collaborative approach to innovation and transformation, and its vision of smarter and greener technology, makes the Foundation an inspiring place to work. I’m looking forward to working with and learning from a diverse range of experts from across the organization - from engineers to mathematicians, developers to researchers - as well as interacting with the IOTA community, and doing my bit as an evangelist for the IOTA mission!

We are very happy to officially announce David is joining the project: his experience is of great value to the IOTA Foundation. Give him a warm welcome!

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