Welcome Edward Greve to the IOTA Foundation

Edward Greve has been a software developer for a number of years, most recently at WillowTree Apps in North Carolina, where he worked on cutting edge digital products for nationally and internationally recognizable brands, such as CBC and National Geographic. His area of expertise is in full-stack web development, and he understands how to work with business partners to develop advanced cloud-based systems that support applications with a world-class user experience.

Edward holds degrees in Mathematics and Physics from Rowan University and is fully self-taught in computer science. He is also a language enthusiast and polyglot, and he speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, and French in addition to conversational bits and pieces in a half-dozen other languages from around the world. He spent almost a decade living and working in Taiwan.

On Joining IOTA

I’ve been reading about blockchain since the first bitcoin white papers came out in the late 00’s, and ever since then I knew that cryptography would play an important role in 21st century social change. The rapid growth in this area over the last year or two has been astounding as more and more people recognize the value that cryptographic tokenization offers in so many areas of our lives.
IOTA offers something that I believe is truly unique, not only in the technical implementations, but also in the extraordinary vision of its founders. They have brought together an amazing group of people who share that vision, and I am truly grateful to be a part of it.

Edward Greve has a wide range of experience from different regions and brings with him a varied skill set to the IOTA Foundation, and while his primary role will be full stack front-end development, he will also play a key role in supporting the IOTA Foundation’s efforts on the ground in Asia to establish IOTA as a standard in the region for IoT and beyond. His polyglot abilities is also a very useful asset for obvious reasons. We are very happy to have Edward on board. Give him a warm welcome!