Florian Doebler is an Economist and Entrepreneur with a focus on behavioral science and international development. He joins the IOTA Foundation as Social Impact & Donor Relations Coordinator at our headquarters in Berlin. During his studies in Munich and Vienna his academic interest centered around the sustainable governance of commons throughout economic history and the intersection of innovation, cultures, and institutions.  

Florian is a co-founder of a social start-up with the aim of bringing transparency to ecological accounting while incentivizing reductions in resource use. He is a specialist on the behavioral consequences of digitalization, and contributed to the implementation of experimentality in governments and private enterprises, as an employee at a global consultancy.

After he graduated in January, Florian supported the establishment of the newly established Blockchain Lab at the German Development Agency (GIZ), furthering the maturity of Distributed Ledger Technologies with a view to the United Nations Development Goals. Tapping his interdisciplinary skill set and passion for life on earth, he will help to harness the potential of IOTA for positive impact on people, communities, and ecosystems.  

When I first learned about IOTA, it immediately sparked my imagination as a key enabler of the sharing economy. In my eyes, the answer to the challenges of today can only be the more sensible use of our resources and increased cooperation on a global scale. IOTA promises to pave the way towards these goals and opens up new avenues to build a more inclusive and equal society.

I could not be more thrilled to support the development of the future economy, in such an ambitious and passionate team.

I could not be more thrilled to support the development of the future economy, in such an ambitious and passionate team.

Florian´s profound understanding of economics, technology, and human behavior will complement our Social Impact & Regulatory Affairs Team, and help to anchor IOTA as the backbone of the sharing economy. We are very happy that he is part of our journey and welcome him warmly to the IOTA Foundation!

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