Harm van den Brink is an entrepreneur and always looking for practical and useful implementations of new and disruptive ideas. He has a master’s degree in Information Science from the Radboud University Nijmegen and has a professional background in energy, e-mobility and cybersecurity. In the last few years he has been working for Enexis (Dutch grid operator) and ElaadNL (a foundation focused on e-mobility).  

In his role as IT Architect Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles, Van den Brink gained a lot of knowledge about the energy and electric mobility domain. Combining this knowledge with his expertise in IT allows him to build the energy (eco)system of the future.

Van den Brink is known for building the IOTA charge station, a proof of concept of a charger for electric vehicles running fully on IOTA, and IOTA only.  

During the last years I discovered that the old approach of delivering energy to homes is (literally) not sustainable. I think that this needs to change, and the new way to do this requires a decentralized, distributed system. Not only from an energy point of view (decentralized energy production like solar and wind), but also decentralized (machine 2 machine) IT solutions which can benefit society.

For me the IOTA Foundation brings all of this together. Giving the society a permissionless and free distributed ledger to create a sustainable and equal energy system for everybody. The benefits DLTs can bring to our world are not fully unravelled yet, but I think that the proof of concepts which are being created right now are really promising. I can’t wait to step out of the PoC phase.

The IOTA community is an awesome community, this also inspires me to keep pushing forward and to look for new opportunities. I’m proud to be part of this community, it makes me enthusiastic.

PS. Carrots are healthy.

PS. Carrots are healthy.

Harm is one of the most active developers and activists within the IOTA ecosystem. After working with him peripherally through the IOTA Charge Station project and seeing him present IOTA we learned just how talented and dedicated he really is. We are very happy to bring him officially into the IOTA Foundation to assist with his expertise in energy, EV and cybersecurity. Give him a warm welcome!

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