Welcome José Manuel Cantera to the IOTA Foundation

IF Team Jul 17, 2020

José Manuel Cantera is joining IOTA as Tech Analyst & Project Lead of the Market Adoption team. In this role, José will focus on developing innovation and collaboration projects leveraging IOTA technologies, particularly, in the area of Global Trade and Supply Chains. He will also keep an eye on standardization and public funding opportunities.  

José lives in Valladolid, Spain and has been in the technology sector for over twenty years. He has worked as a software engineer, technical product manager and evangelist and has made significant contributions to open standards (W3C, GSMA and ETSI) and to open source software initiatives (Mozilla Firefox and FIWARE).  

IOTA is challenging the incumbents in the DLT/blockchain space with a forward-thinking, disruptive approach, powered by an enthusiastic community of brilliant developers and scientists, and enabled by the leadership and guidance of the IOTA Foundation. IOTA is a good fit for my background and career goals, as I have been always willing to join global initiatives intended to make an impact in the industry, for the long term benefit of society. Particularly, the opportunity to promote IOTA as the reference DLT for Global Trade and Supply Chains is extremely exciting — and I’m glad to be a part of the journey!

We are very happy officially announcing José Manuel Cantera joining the project, his experience in software technology, collaborative open-source ecosystems and standardization is an asset to the IOTA Foundation. Give him a warm welcome!


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