Karolis Petrauskas joins the IOTA engineering team as a senior software engineer, within the smart contracts team. In this role Karolis will focus on the consensus and other distributed algorithms for the IOTA smart contracts protocol.

Karolis Petrauskas lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and has been in the technology sector for twenty years. He has worked as a developer and a senior architect in the domain of systems integration and distributed systems. Karolis has a PhD in computer science, gives lectures in Vilnius University and does research in distributed systems and formal methods.

On joining IOTA

I like the IOTA approach to DLTs a lot. It is exciting that I can be a member of the team creating such an innovative technology. The development here is tightly coupled with the research. That makes the work in IOTA very interesting. I’m glad to be part of this project!

We are happy to announce Karolis joining this key project for the foundation. Give him a warm welcome!

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