Anirudha joins the IOTA Foundation as a Developer Advocate in the Ecosystem team. In this role, he will focus on growing and building the developer community.

Anirudha lives in Bangalore, India, and has graduated from a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. Since then, he has worn multiple hats from Software Engineer, Architect, Project Lead, Product Manager and also founder to a few products over the years, building solutions in logistics, fintech, hiring, developer tools and education spaces to name a few.

On joining the IOTA Foundation

Around 2017, I was studying multiple decentralised systems and found IOTA. Being a developer first, I dig right in to learn more about how it works and was fascinated by Tangle and DAG. I had worked on distributed systems in the past with Cassandra and other databases, so catching on to decentralised tech wasn’t that difficult. As I learnt more, I got introduced to IEN where I first met some amazing folks working on various IOTA project implementations. Soon, I found myself working on various IOTA related projects working with js and python libraries and MAM to develop solutions. I love working with the community and hope in my current capacity, I can encourage more developers to work on IOTA seeing the amazing work the team has been putting forward!

We are very happy officially announcing Kumar Anirudha joining the project, his prior experience as an engineer and community developer is of great value to the IOTA foundation. Give him a warm welcome!

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