Welcome Madjid Nakhjiri to the IOTA Foundation

Madjid Nakhjiri has the responsibility for end to end roadmap, architecture, as well as future technology solutions for Samsung ARTIK platform security. Madjid is also a member of executive board for IOT security foundation. Prior to Samsung, he initiated and led Security Engineering team for MediaTek IOT business unit and led security design of next generation chipsets. Madjid has been involved in IOT standards since 2011 and has over 15 years of experience in security architecture and standards, chairing and authoring for many industry standards activities in IOT, IPTV/DRM, Internet mobility, and wireless connectivity, and smart cards and has authored and delivered many widely used standards. He is the author of book “AAA and security for Mobile Networks”, many conference papers, 18 issued patents and 20+ pending.

Madjid is an expert in public key infrastructure and factory and field provisioning of identities credentials and personalization of devices and has spent years in the area of device and user authentication and related key management schemes for both mobile Internet connectivity and service authorization. He was one of pioneers in the area of heterogeneous seamless network mobility and the IETF work on the overlap of mobility and security that was the basis for cellular-WiFi interoperability in mid-2000s.

On joining IOTA

I strongly believe in the promise of distributed and decentralized ledger technology as a consensus layer for establishing trust between manufacturers and service operators as well as individual devices and proccesses. Distributed ledger technology will not only be able to connect trust silos from traditional PKI identity and key systems, but also will be able to provide a provenance of the device identity legacy through its life cycle, as it moves from manufacturing plants to sales and distribution to deployment and network onboarding. IOTA is a promising technology that is trying to solve both scalability and security issues that would arise from employing traditional blockchain technologies and protocols to IOT

Having Madjid join the Foundation as an expert advisor on Private Key Infrastructure is incredibly important for us. He will serve a crucial role in the ‘IDentity of Things’(IDoT) efforts. Our discussions thus far has demonstrated a great alignment in both ideas, but also the importance of getting this right.. His life long dedication to security in identity and digital systems will be of great value to the project. We are excited to explore and start building on this fundamental ingredient to make IoT secure and IOTA’s m2m vision a reality. Give him a warm welcome!