Welcome Sercan Toku to the IOTA Foundation

IF Team May 20, 2021

Sercan joins our finance team as an accountant. In this role, he will support the IOTA Foundation in a variety of tax law and financial matters.

Sercan lives in Verden, Germany, and is currently completing his bachelor’s degree in tax law. He worked as a tax assistant at various tax advisors for over 4 years, helping do the accounting, and the various tax statements.

On joining IOTA

During my apprenticeship in 2017 I discovered my interest in crypto and dlt. The IOTA Foundation, as an open, transparent and at the same time disruptive project, appealed to my values the most.

I wondered how they were handling the special regulatory matters in taxes.
Next to my studies IOTA felt like the ideal fit for me.

I look forward to grow and work with the team and I am proud to be part of this exciting journey.

We are very happy officially announcing Sercan joining the project. Give him a warm welcome!


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