Welcome Sergey Ivancheglo to the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors

IF Team Aug 14, 2018

Sergey Ivancheglo lives in Minsk, Belarus. He holds a Bachelor of Science with specialization in electronics and artificial intelligence. He has been working as a software engineer for more than 20 years, and since 2011 he has been primarily focused on Distributed Ledger Technology.  

Since childhood, Sergey (a.k.a. Come-from-Beyond) has been interested in the development of computer games, which later transformed into an interest in Massively Multiplayer Online Games and Virtual / Augmented Reality and the complex backend technology required to make them work properly. This interest made him deep-dive into distributed computing, building expertise that was ultimately useful for the creation of distributed ledger technologies.

Sergey has played a pioneering role within the DLT community by spearheading several “next-gen” components. Before co-founding IOTA, he created Nxt, which was one of the very first projects to go beyond the focus of Bitcoin with added functionality on the blockchain. He was also one of the pioneers behind the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, being the first to implement full Proof-of-Stake. Sergey also co-founded a stealth distributed computing hardware IP company with David Sønstebø back in 2014, which was the precursor for the IOTA project.  

The fourth decade of my life has been committed to the development of distributed ledgers. Soon the fifth decade of my life will start. A long time ago I decided that I would dedicate that decade to achieving my dream of constructing a globally shared illusion in VR. To make that possible, I aim to finish everything I started — that includes Economic Clustering, the technology currently called “NBPoW” and other things. I believe that joining the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors will help me to achieve this dream in good time.

As one of the founders of IOTA, and the core developer of the reference implementation, we are very happy to finally have him in an official role in the Board, where he will be able to act in full capacity and play a key role in bringing the engineering of the wider scope of IOTA on a path toward full production-ready maturity. Join us in welcoming Sergey Ivancheglo to the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors.


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