Tara is joining IOTA as Junior Business Development Analyst. In this role, she will support various business development activities and focus on driving IOTA’s adoption through strategic analysis of the DLT and IoT space.

Tara relocated to Berlin after studying in Maastricht, Hong Kong, and Dublin where she recently completed her MSc in the field of information systems management. Here, she wrote a thesis about institutional entrepreneurship in Bitcoin and devised eLearning modules for the IEEE’s blockchain initiative. In her pursuit to make a positive, sustainable change to our current economic system, she previously spent time working in the German public sector, a social start-up, lobbyism and co-founding political campaigns.

I believe that anything can change: trade, mobility, data and identity management. Life around the world can be better. My big question has always been about the best way to do this. In the past few years, I’ve become convinced that permissionless DLT, and IOTA, in particular, are the answer. After being thoroughly impressed by the work of the community, I’m super excited to join the Foundation and be part of something truly revolutionary. I mean, given it’s a fast, feeless, scalable protocol, who but IOTA has ever come this close to making Toy Story a reality?!

We are very happy to officially announce Tara joining the project. Her experience at the intersection between project conceptualization and implementation is key to driving IOTA’s adoption. Give her a warm welcome!

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