Tobias Willhauck is joining IOTA as Product Manager of the Market Adoption team. In this role, Tobias will coordinate the requirements of the market with the development of our external facing products like Streams, Access and Identity.

Tobias lives in Munich, Germany, and has been active in the technology sector for over twenty years. He has worked as a web developer, software engineer and lately as product manager in the hotel and travel industries as well as in online gaming and in the telecommunications sector.

On joining IOTA

When I abandoned the machine industry sector in favor of ‘the internet’ right after I finished my degree in mechanical engineering, it proved to be the right decision for me. Now, as these physical and virtual worlds are set to truly merge, it seems a perfect time to close the circle to the place that got me started on my journey through the last 20+ years. Bringing DLT technology to IoT and the power to enable the future of Industry 4.0 is extremely exciting — and I’m glad to be a part of the journey!

We are very happy officially announcing Tobias Willhauck joining the project, his experience as a product manager is of great value to the IOTA foundation. The intersection between technical development and customer needs is key to bring IOTA to the masses as a standard, in that regard Tobias has the perfect skill set. Give him a warm welcome!

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