Umair Sarfraz is a software developer with experience in web technologies and a deep interest in distributed systems, software architecture and cloud security.  

Umair holds degrees in Software Engineering and International Relations. In his pursuit for a Masters degree in Information Security from COMSATS University, Islamabad, he has carried out extensive research and development around security of cloud orchestration engines, SELinux, and distributed systems.  

While exploring the IOTA community and protocol, he came under the tutelage of Dr. Navin Ramachandran of the IOTA Foundation. And from here he began a journey of research and development around IOTA. His major contribution has been on the Trinity wallet project. Umair’s other interest areas include Tangle analysis and privacy, which he will be investigating for his research thesis.

I am thrilled, to join the IOTA Foundation and work with some of the brightest minds in the world. The IOTA Foundation is playing a crucial role in solving one of the major challenges faced by the IoT industry: the lack of interoperability. IOTA is solving this by providing a fee-less, yet scalable architecture that will enable seamless interoperability among the Internet of Things. The cherry on top is a secure data communication enabled by Tangle which proves that privacy and integrity can coexist.

Being part of a workforce which is making that happen is truly humbling and I look forward to playing my part in it.

Being part of a workforce which is making that happen is truly humbling and I look forward to playing my part in it.

We are happy to have Umair join the IOTA Foundation in official capacity after having shown his dedication and prowess in the Trinity wallet project, and also his deep interest for security and privacy, two topics which are pivotal to a lot of the applications that will utilize IOTA in the future. Give him a warm welcome!

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