Virginie Pera is joining IOTA as HR Administrator of the Human Resources team. In this role, she will be responsible for the administrative staff of the IOTA Foundation.

Virginie Pera was born and grew up in Berlin. She started her professional career as an administrator of social insurance with the focus of the German statutory health insurance. After her apprenticeship, she fulfilled her dream of flying and started as a flight attendant at Air Berlin for six years. Following that formative and exciting time, she went back to the commercial field as a Human Resources Administrator and Human Resources Assistant.

I am very interested in the search for alternatives in global currencies and finding new solutions for analyzing data, to innovate and speed up the technology progress, which benefits all. Because of that, I am interested in getting more familiar with all of these themes and the people who stand behind IOTA.

I feel honored to be a part of that team and I am looking forward to our collaboration.

We are very happy officially announcing Virginie Pera joining the Human Resources team of the IOTA foundation. Her experience in German insurances, tax, and labor law is the perfect skill set. Give her a warm welcome!

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