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Announcements Sep 23, 2019

We are proud to announce the winners of the Machine Money contest on The contest was focused on combining the value transfer element of the IOTA protocol with hardware solutions. We were impressed with the level of skill the Hackster and IOTA communities showed when building these projects. It was tough to pick the three winning submissions, given there were so many well-developed and novel solutions to the challenge.

After lengthy deliberation, we chose the three submissions that suited the challenge the best:

The winner of the competition captured the spirit of the contest the best and had a close integration with IOTA. It comprised of an energy ecosystem in which producers, distributers, and consumers could sell and purchase goods, in this case electricity, amongst each other.

To read more about their submission & see their code: see their project page.  

The second prize goes to a submission that integrates IOTA technology into a marketplace for art. However, instead of Monet the artists are AIs. This is a novel concept introducing the idea that AI are able to produce unique and valuable outputs.  

To read more about the submission & see their code: see their project page.  

The third prize goes to a submission that can be implemented in the very near future. It integrates the infrastructure you might find in a parking structure with the IOTA protocol. The result is a demonstration of how the integration of payments into current hardware can improve the user experience for humans, and maybe even autonomous vehicles in the future.

To read more about the submission & see their code see their project page.  

While we were only able to give three main prizes, we had a number of outstanding entries that we wanted to reward. 10 runner up submissions were awarded a prize for their entries.

To see a list of these go to the contest page.

The Hackster Impact prize goes to the eHealth focused submission that targets the SDG goal #3: “Good health and well-being”. The submission features an open and easy to use health record system that utilizes a number of different technologies. The development of these open standards pushes the healthcare industry towards lower cost and more effective ways of managing health records.  

To read more about the submission & see their code see their project page.  

We had a lot of fun evaluating the submissions and choosing the winners of this contest! It was great to see our creative community come together and build interesting solutions with IOTA and hardware. We hope that you continue to tinker with the technology and submit your projects to the IOTA hub on the Hackster platform.

However, if you are disappointed you missed out on this contest and have a competitive itch to scratch, keep your eyes peeled for our next contest. If you want to engage directly with IOTA, join our official Discord server.


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