Adam joins the IOTA Engineering team as Software Engineer (Rust). In this role, he will focus on the Bee project.

Adam lives in Brixham, UK, and has recently graduated from a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. During his degree and afterwards, he worked as a software engineer in the Positioning industry, helping to develop solutions for GPS signal simulation and assurance. Since discovering Rust, he has tinkered with it for personal projects in video game modding.

On joining IOTA

While studying and starting out in my software career, I discovered that I gravitated towards high-performance systems development and the challenges that the environment presents. After getting a good amount of experience working with C++, I heard about the Rust language and the benefits that it could bring to the space. I started to write personal projects in Rust throughout my studies, and used it for small professional projects. Eventually I decided that I wanted to use it full-time in my professional work, and when I learned of the IOTA Foundation, it looked like the perfect opportunity — an open-source, community-oriented team with a mission to create big waves in the IoT space, and plenty of opportunity to learn from the best and grow as part of the project. I am looking forward to getting going!

We are very happy officially announcing Adam joining this important project. Give him a warm welcome!

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