Jaguar Land Rover is testing IOTA-powered Smart Wallets to implement in new models of its electric vehicles Jaguar F-PACE and Range Rover Velar.
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IOTA becomes a Founding Member of New International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA)
European Commission-backed association for trusted blockchain applications chooses IOTA as founding member and Julie Maupin to the Board of Directors.
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IOTA & EVRYTHNG collaboration on Supply Chain Transparency
Information about production, transportation, storage and much more can soon be tracked for products included in the IOTA & EVRYTHNG collaboration.
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IOTA opens up IOTA Academy
IOTA Academy attendants can obtain certificates through online learning about IOTA technology on desktop and mobile.
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IOTA launches Open Source Coordinator on Mainnet
A Coordinator-free Tangle is coming closer and already now you can check out the open source Coordinator on the mainnet.
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Welcome to America
IOTA Foundation is boosting up efforts in the North American market with new key hires and enhanced strategy.
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Ecosystem Development Fund announces new grantees, management & RFPs
More grants have been allocated and new management has been found. Now you can also see how to improve your chances of getting a grant yourself!
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ELI9: The Qubic Computation Model
“Explain Like I’m Nine” version of the Qubic Computation Model is now available.
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IOTA-backed projects win three of twenty tracks at world’s biggest blockchain & AI hackathon
Besides the three winning teams, an additional five gave it their best with IOTA as the backbone technology. We made a recap of the whole event.
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IOTA at Hannover Messe 2019
From product categorization standards to biometric palm vein scans. Several companies were showcasing their use of IOTA at the world’s largest industrial fair. You can learn more about them all here.
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