Future of Transportation Infrastructure: ORCHESTRA Consortium and IOTA

Orchestra IOTA

We are ecstatic to announce that we joined the EU-funded Orchestra Consortium project, the future of mobility. The IOTA Foundation is working with international partners on the EU-funded ORCHESTRA project, which aims to innovate the future of multimodal transport. The IOTA Foundation will receive a share of 250,000 EUR of the 4.9 million Euro budget to provide expertise for integrating its distributed ledger technology.

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Fetch.ai and the IOTA Foundation collaborate to offer autonomous economic agents on the Tangle

Fetch.ai and the IOTA Foundation joined forces in order to offer autonomous economic agents (AEAs) on the Tangle. The Tangle is available as a reliable and production-ready base layer for a whole range of industrial partners.One of these partners is Fetch.ai, a Cambridge-based artificial intelligence (AI) lab that uses autonomous economic agents to process various information via AI-based applications for smart and innovative data solutions.

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IOTA-ENSURESEC: How to make an impact in the e-commerce ecosystem

As part of the H2020 ENSURESEC Project, a EU-funded innovation activity to strengthen the security of the e-commerce ecosystem, the IOTA Foundation and its partners have just reached the project’s second milestone. To measure the potential impact of our work, we reached out to a community of experts with an impact survey. The survey aimed to understand the viability of our solutions and their relevance for the e-commerce ecosystem, by collecting opinions from experts not directly connected to the ENSURESEC project

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Recent News

IOTA Native Digital Assets - DevNet Version

In June we released our Digital Assets framework on the DevNet. It was finally time to tokenize, to NFT, and to have fun sending around magical decentralized internet tokens. We built a new wallet for the IOTA 2.0 DevNet to empower our community to start experimenting with digital assets. For developers, you can find the documentation here.

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IOTA 2.0 Research Specifications

We released our IOTA 2.0 research specifications. Their purpose is to carefully explain the current state of the IOTA 2.0 protocol to developers, both internal and external, who wish to build on or test Nectar, to academics who want to analyze, model and optimize the protocol and need rigorous description of each module, and to community members and anybody who just want to learn more about the protocol

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Fully decentralised IOTA 2.0 explained in under 3 minutes

While IOTA 2.0 is a complex protocol with various modules, its core idea is actually quite simple. This post summarizes how IOTA 2.0 achieves consensus and maintains the ledger.

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