Newsletter #33 - IOTA Towards Full Decentralization, Internal Energy Benchmarks for IOTA, IOTA Identity Beta Release, and more.

Newsletters Jun 7, 2021

Towards Full Decentralization with IOTA 2.0

We are ecstatic to announce that IOTA is making one large step forward to IOTA 2.0. After an extensive year of development, we can proudly say that IOTA is a new project with the complete integration of Chrysalis, reusable addresses, a switch to UTXO, and further optimization.

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Internal Benchmarks for the IOTA

Did you know that making one cup of coffee from a single-serve machine uses 22,000 more energy than a Raspberry Pi 4?  With an increasing amount of scrutiny towards the ecological footprint related to the cryptocurrency industry, Navin Ramachandran, a member of the board of directors wanted to present our internal energy efficient benchmarks pre-Chrysalis and post-Chrysalis.

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IOTA Identity Beta Release

In May, we released the Beta version of IOTA Identity, which is a Self Sovereign Identity (SSI). Essentially, it is a framework that allows people, organizations, or machines to create and have total control over their identity.

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Recent News

We cannot believe that it has already been a year since we launched the IOTA Experience Team! If you don’t know, it is a group of dedicated community members who work together with different members of the IOTA Foundation at different stages of development.

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What happens with unclaimed tokens and how many of them are currently unclaimed on IOTA’s Chrysalis network?  In a blog post, our team answered these questions and more about our solutions to unclaimed tokens on IOTA’s Chrysalis network.

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We recently updated: Chrysalis, Pollen, Bee, Hornet, Smart Contracts, Stronghold, Wallet, IOTA Identity, Chronicle, and IOTA Experience Team.

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