Traceable, renewable energy seamlessly being tracked locally in real time between buildings, infrastructure, and consumers is already being tested in a real-world environment. IOTA, Jaguar Land Rover and ENGIE Lab CRIGEN developed a Proof of Concept to demonstrate how it can be done. Watch more in the video below.

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Cities of the future: IOTA, Jaguar Land Rover, Engie Lab Crigen & Entra showcase energy traceability

IOTA ESP32 Wallet

IOTA has built a brand new hardware wallet to further mature the use of the Tangle in IoT ecosystems. Learn and watch more about it here.
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Watch how IOTA’s distributed ledger technology can help protect our precious rainforests

Consensus in the IOTA Tangle — FPC

This is the first in a series of posts that explain the consensus protocols described in IOTA’s Coordicide solution.
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IOTA & EVRYTHNG, a new collaboration for supply chain transparency

IOTA Crypto Core FPGA — Final Report

Crypto Core was part of the third cohort of grantess from the Ecosystem Development Fund and has now finished the final report on how to to enable embedded systems to run the IOTA core functions. This is a critical component to allowing IOTA to be run on small IoT devices and a big step towards future real world applications.
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Welcome Jon Crowcroft to the IOTA Research Council

Professor Jon Crowcroft is one of the most internationally recognized researchers in distributed computing and his seminal works have often changed the course of this field
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