Chronicle is the IOTA Foundation’s official permanode solution. It makes it easy for node owners to store all IOTA transactions in a fast, secure, scalable, and distributed database.

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IOTA Foundation launches Industry Marketplace, the World’s First Autonomous and Decentralized Marketplace

The Industry Marketplace will serve as a vendor and industry-neutral platform, automating the trade of physical and digital goods and services. Learn more in the video below.
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Watch how IOTA’s Industry Marketplace is working.

Towards Open Collaboration: The Linux Foundation and IOTA Foundation join forces through LF Edge

IOTA Foundation joins Linux Foundation to help complete stack of technologies to advance development of a truly interoperable solution set for IoT, Edge and Cloud integration.
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Co-Creating Impact: The IOTA Foundation joins forces with EIT Climate KIC

The IOTA Foundation officially joins forces with the European Institute for Technology (EIT) and EIT Climate KIC, the leading bodies of the European Union, to connect and scale sustainable solutions across the continent.
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One Step Closer to Coordicide: IOTA Releases Fast Probabilistic Consensus Simulator

Releasing the FPC simulator to the public allows us to include the community, open up the technology and encourage to get it tested in the wild.
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IOTA and Zühlke Partner up to Accelerate Machine-as-a-Service Solutions

Purchasing manufacturing machinery and other industrial equipment usually take a heavy toll on the company bankroll. By offering the costly equipment on an automated pay-per-use basis, this headache will soon be alleviated.
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Dev status update — September, 2019

The montly development update with the newest developments on Bee, Qubic, IRI and Trinity.
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EDAG and d-fine develop a Smart Parking Ecosystem, powered by IOTA

Automatic, continuous payments, settled machine-to-machine, will enable a smart parking ecosystem.
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How to get Started With the IOTA Industry Marketplace: A Step-by-Step Guide

This blog post is for anyone who wants to contribute to the Industry Marketplace by setting up an instance of a Service Requester or a Service Provider.
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