Project Alvarium represents a milestone for open source development on distributed technologies, digital trust, data privacy and confidence in data. Learn more in the video below.

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Coordicide update — Autopeering: Part 1

The aim of the autopeering module redesign is to ease simulations while keeping the same code base that will be used in GoShimmer. Find the second part of the series further down.
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Hub Update: Easily Integrate IOTA With Your Exchange, Custody Solution, Or Product

Update: IOTA Hub is deprecated with the Chrysalis network upgrade and will no longer work with the protocol changes. If you still use Hub, we ask you to have a look at our migration guide to upgrade your integration of IOTA. For a new exchange integration of IOTA read the exchange guide.

Hub allows integration teams to manage multiple IOTA wallets and corresponding seeds simultaneously. Hub also takes care of creating deposit addresses and makes sure that when an address is used, the transaction gets promoted or re-attached if required.
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Dev status update — October 2019

The monthly development update about Bee, IRI, Qubic, Entangled, Trinity, MAM, client libraries and permanodes.
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Towards Open Collaboration: FIWARE and IOTA join forces for a Smart Digital Future

The collaboration with FIWARE will be enabling context-aware capabilities to proliferate over the Tangle through development of IOTA capabilities into the FIWARE Context Broker.
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Welcome Navin Ramachandran to the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Navin Ramachandran has been a member of the IOTA Foundation since the end of 2016 and is now joining the Board of Directors.

A Message From the Board

Co-founder Serguei Popov will take over as Director of Research for the IOTA Foundation, replacing Moody Alam. We thank Moody for his contributions to the research department, which has made great progress with publications of IOTA research, collaborating with academia, establishing the IOTA Research Council and in particular on the Coordicide project. Serguei has always overseen the research department and therefore we expect a smooth transition. He will also continue to serve as part of the IOTA Board of Directors, along with the other board members.

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