Get reminded of all the best from 2018 and have a taste of what 2019 will bring.
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The Perfect Brainstorm: Contest Winners
10 winners were selected from more than 200 submissions. Check them all out here.
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eCl@ss and the IOTA Foundation Announce Partnership to Standardize Internet of Things Payments and Data Transmission
New partnership with eCl@ss to standardize and simplify communication used across connected devices in the Internet of Things.
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VIDEO: Watch how IOTA Tangle Technology will Impact the Future of the Global Supply Chains
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IOTA and CYBERCRYPT Announce New Lightweight Trinary Cryptographic Hash Function
Introducing the Troika Hash Function Developed by Expert Cryptographers; €200,000 Cryptanalytic Competition Invites Cryptanalysts Worldwide to evaluate it.
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IOTA Foundation

Official posts from the IOTA Foundation, and migrated posts from old platforms.

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