Get the full overview: Watch the Research Department’s Q&A session from the summit in Barcelona and get insights from a week dedicated to research.
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Global Smart City Development Competition
IOTA is teaming up with a multitude of prolific sponsors to host a smart city hackathon where developers can cash in over $10.000 in prizes and shape the cities of the future. Learn more about how you can participate here.
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IOTA joins the biggest Blockchain Hackathon in the World: Odyssey
IOTA participates at the event in Groningen, Netherlands as Ecosystem partner and is supporting three different tracks attempting to provide smart solutions to real-world problems on both corporate and governmental level.
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IOTA becomes Founding Member of International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications
IOTA and more than 70 partners worldwide are coming together to help create smart global governance frameworks for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.
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IOTA Data Marketplace is back
The IOTA Data Marketplace is back and better in an updated version after the successful Proof-of-Concept in the end of 2017.
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IOTA partners up with Cofoundery, Nova
UK cofoundery Nova and IOTA will provide funding and mentorship for aspiring tech entrepreneurs developing new business models with IOTA technology.
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ElaadNL develops Autonomous Self-Balancing Power Grid using IOTA
Smart grids that can autonomously balance the energy consumption based on need is no longer science fiction. Check out how ElaadNL has developed a Proof-of-Concept to match the energy grids with the upcoming energy demands using IOTA technology.
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