Update: The IOTA Trinity wallet is deprecated with the Chrysalis upgrade and will be replaced by the new Firefly wallet. You can easily transfer your tokens following these instructions.

The IOTA Foundation is proud to announce the full release of the Trinity wallet on all major mobile and desktop platforms. Check out the new features and slick design in the video below.
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Watch the Trinity Wallet video

IOTA-Primority Partnership: Tracking Food Allergens & Improving Consumer Safety
Food allergy can be a fatal threat for unaware consumers. But even the most cautious allergy sufferers run a daily risk when they carefully pick their groceries. Discover how IOTA can be utilized for accurate and credible supply chain data.
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ELI9: Introducing Azimuth
An easy to understand guide to a new and different approach to Proof of Work.
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Connecting The Human Economy and The Machine Economy
Dan Simerman, IOTA Foundation Head of Financial Relations, shares his thoughts and insights on the interplay between the Human Economy and the Machine Economy.
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IOTA presents at IEEE ICBC in Seoul
Several members of the IOTA Research Department presented a new paper at the IEEE ICBC research forum in the South Korean capital Seoul.
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IOTA Foundation Releases the Results of the Trinity Security Audit by SIXGEN
The external security audit results of the Trinity Wallet are now open for the public.
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